Tag And Track Your Tools.
Using our proprietary tagging system and any GPS-enabled smartphone, you can now keep track of your team's tools and inventory across job sites.
Better Business Via Better Software
Know Where Precisely Where Your Equipment Is Increase Accountability Among Your Team
Know What Jobs Consume The Most Resources Reduce Lost Or Stolen Items
Our Story

For over 30 years, Louis and Scott Katz have been bringing beauty and excellence to commercial and residential real estate construction and remodeling. In 2015, the team recognized that painters, wallpaper professionals, and other contractors in the industry needed a way to know the locations of their tools and inventory items across multiple job sites.

ToolTags.co brings together a simple smartphone interface, with the low-cost ToolTags taggging system, to bring you peace of mind about the whereabouts of your assets.

How It Works

The Tools

Your assets and inventory are used across many job sites, by many people.

The Tags

Our durable and easy-to-install QR tags are placed on any visible external surface, for ease of scanning.

The App

Whenever your tool changes hands or locations, the GPS on our app is used to notify others of its wherabouts.

About Our System

Gone are the days of expensive scanning equipment and bulky inventory software. ToolTags uses the technology already in the hands of your team!

Our system combines smarthpone GPS with low-cost Tags, to bring you peace of mind about the whereabouts of your tools and equipment.

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